About Us

Dennis Chapman, a veteran of the swimming pool and spa industry for almost 40 years, served in many high level corporate positions with major pool and spa manufacturers prior to developing Dennis Chapman & Associates. His national and international experience coupled with his professional approach and knowledge will provide the support all pool professionals desire and deserve. Having spoken nationally, internationally, regionally and locally during industry, trade and customer functions, Chapman brings an insight to not only the regional pool and spa market, but a worldwide vision of the swimming pool and spa industry.

Having worked for these major manufacturers serving the swimming pool and spa market and using organizations similar to Dennis Chapman & Associates, he became very familiar with the needs of all customers serviced by sales organizations. From the manufactures view, we are their entry to market allowing a way to get products to market in a cost effective manner while providing service to all channels of customer. Our customers are professional dealers, distributors, service companies, and builders who offer goods and services to the pool and spa consumer. We offer none of our products for sale direct to the pool and spa consumer.

Our “pool professionals” and “recreational vehicle professionals” deserve to have new products and technologies, which they may offer to their consumer. They also need follow up support and training after the product is sold and installed. We offer unique products to our customers which will save energy, time, be “eco” friendly to our environment, while providing the training of these products on site to the customer and their employees.

As an expansion of our current business, we have recently entered the Recreational Vehicle business where we will be contacting dealers and service centers and offering our stabilization system as an aftermarket opportunity. We are very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with these RV professionals.

In order to service all of our manufacturers better and on a more timely and consistent  basis, Don Tuch joins us as our Florida Sales Representative. Don comes to Dennis Chapman & Associates with a great deal of knowledge and experience. His background has been in manufacturing, distribution and building which has given him a front line view of how to build, service and support the customer in order to grow the market share our manufacturer deserves.

We are also available to make presentations at any level of your company.

We look forward to working with you very soon.